General Eye and Vision Health Exams

We are a full-service eye and vision health clinic. Most services are covered by Alberta Healthcare, so there is no direct cost to patients (‘free’) for the following:

  • Full Regular Eye Health Exams: For Children (under 19 years of age) and Seniors (over 64 years).
  • Eye Health and Vision Concerns: All ages are covered. Optometric eye/vision exams are less expensive to the healthcare system than ER visits.

General eye exams for adults 19-64 are a private-pay service. That is, you pay out of pocket, although most people have insurance coverage to pay for all or most of the fees. Currently, our price for comprehensive eye exams is $125, with no hidden charges – we do everything we need to do (and usually more) and you only pay one fee.

In Alberta, optometrists are primary care doctors for vision and eye concerns. With years of specialty training in eye health and function, optometrists are the first doctors you should see whenever you have concerns with your eyes or vision. Using your local optometrist instead of the emergency room or the family medical doctor’s office means lower costs and less driving because you are already at the specialist’s office.

General Guideline: If you have ANY concerns about your eyes or vision, book an appointment asap. In other words, if there is ANY doubt, there is NO doubt. Call us. Find us here: https://dvvc.ca/find-us/

Child Development Concerns

This is separate category of service provided by Dr. Boulet. If you have a child/client who is struggling with developmental and/learning concerns, we can probably help, sometimes even solving the underlying problem. Dr. Boulet will review visual function and eye health, and follow through with a comprehensive review of the history of the concern. A general eye exam is a good start, but this is only the beginning. The assessment fee (call for details) covers additional testing not covered under Alberta Healthcare. Also included are a follow-up report with concrete recommendations to assist in remediation. Clients have the option of following-up with additional therapies, and these are at an additional cost. Call for more information.