Eye and Vision Health

As a doctor of optometry, Dr. Boulet is trained to manage eye disease and neurological problems with vision (read more here). This includes referrals to specialists to manage surgical needs and problems associated with chronic disease. Dr. Boulet invites comments from readers and looks forward to answering any questions you might have. Your question could […]

Learning, Vision, and Behaviour

Dr. Boulet is a general care family optometrist, but is especially interested in child vision development (read more here), with a background in education, neuropsychology, and behavioural optometry. He works with parents, teachers, and other developmental specialists like Occupational Therapists to assist children who are struggling with reading, learning, or behaviour concerns. Very often, what […]

Who We Serve

We are here to serve our Foothills and online communities with a promise of Service, Quality, and Value We are primary eye health care providers. See us first for all of your eye health and vision care needs, including management of disease and surgical needs. We are visual function specialists. We can help with brain […]