Learning, Vision, and Behaviour

Dr. Boulet is a general care family optometrist, but is especially interested in child vision development (read more here), with a background in education, neuropsychology, and behavioural optometry. He works with parents, teachers, and other developmental specialists like Occupational Therapists to assist children who are struggling with reading, learning, or behaviour concerns.

Very often, what appears to be an insurmountable obstacle to learning or behaviour can be overcome with common sense management of basic childhood developmental needs. This begins with ensuring the fundamentals are in place first: Health, sleep, nutrition, balanced and efficient visual function. Once these are addressed, other elements must also be in place to ensure good behaviour and performance in the classroom: ample physical activity, exploration of nature, constructive play, guided reading exposure, and quiet time.

Dr. Boulet invites comments from readers and looks forward to answering any questions you might have. Your question could even become the topic for the nextViews on Vision‘ at GatewayGazette.ca.

Send questions to info ‘@’ dvvc.ca.

You can learn more about vision, health, and learning issues at LearningManagement.ca.

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